2015 Tulip Ride Details


  • Discounted Blazing Bagels breakfast, free coffee
  • Scenic ride up Marine View Drive
  • Includes hot lunch at the tulip fields
  • Complimentary admission to Roozengaarde Tulip Farm
  • Joined by celebrity guests Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer, the Acting Outlaws
  • Private Tulip Ride parking and event area
  • Much more TBA!

Registration: (click here to register)

  • Riders: $75, passengers: $35
  • VIP Road Captains: $1000
    • Private dinner with celebrity guests
    • Guided ride home after the ride ends
    • Admission to [TBA] film screening
    • Limit of 25 slots!
  • All proceeds support the Tulip Ride charities:
    • The Seattle Humane Society
    • The American Red Cross

Latest Ride News...

A Safer Tulip Ride (Volunteers needed!)

One of our goals for the 2015 Tulip Ride is to make it safer than ever before. Some accidents are bound to happen… people drop bikes, misjudge surface conditions, or just plain lose their focus. It’s part of riding, and we Tulip Riders are great about stopping to help anyone in need and ensuring they’re safely back on the road.

Last year, we had an accident or two related to people trying to keep up with the pack. Our group is large enough that it spans several miles of highway. While we encourage everyone to learn the route beforehand, it’s a natural concern to keep up with the pack. This can result in riders riding beyond their limits and having an accident.

We received lots of feedback that this could be improved, and we heard you! We’ve improved our ride plan, and in 2015, we hope to alleviate this altogether.

For this first time since the very early Tulip Ride days, we will be riding up in smaller packs of 10-25 bikes, instead of a single pack of 300+. This will enable smaller groups of bikes to stay together, get through traffic, and arrive at the tulip fields safely. Each pack will have a designated leader, donning a blaze orange vest, so that they’re easily visible to everyone in the pack. We’ll stagger the pack departures by a few minutes to give lots of room between each pack.

Every year, dozens of people offer to help participate in planning the next year’s ride. Here is your chance to help! We need experienced riders to act as pack leads. These are folks who not only love supporting the Tulip Ride charities, but also want to give a little more by helping to make the ride a success. Ideal candidates are:

  • Veteran motorcyclists with 10+ years of riding experience
  • Are registered for the 2015 Tulip Ride
  • Own a motorcycle and are licensed (endorsed) to ride it
  • Can free up two weekend days between now and April to ride the route
  • Are available to meet at 8:00 a.m. on ride day
  • Have ridden on at least one Tulip Ride before
  • Care about riding enough to help ensure that others have a fun and safe time
If you fit this bill and are interested in becoming a pack lead, please email Michael at the Tulip Ride and he’ll collect a bit of information and discuss next steps with you.

2015 is shaping up to be one of our best, most fun, and safest rides to date. Thanks for the feedback that spurred these ideas and thanks in advance to those who volunteer as pack leads!

-The Tulip Ride

Registration for Tulip Ride 2015 is OPEN!

It’s easy to register for the 2015 Tulip Ride. There are three levels of registration.

Rider + Motorcycle: If you’re riding your motorcycle on the Tulip Ride, this option is for you. You get registered for the ride, admission to the tulip farm, lunch, and a moto-themed gift bag complete with your commemorative 2015 Tulip Ride pin. ($75)
Passenger-Only: Riding on the back seat behind a registered rider? Add a passenger for a reduced price. ($35)
VIP Road Captain: Only 25 spots! Includes everything in the normal registration above, plus…
  • VIP dinner with our celebrity guests the evening of 4/17.
  • First-pack departure to the tulip fields.
  • Guided ride home at the end of the day.
  • Ticket to exclusive Battlestar Galactica double-header showing on 4/19 (details TBA).
  • The joy of knowing that you’ve helped our important charities in the most extreme way.
Just visit our registration page and grab your tickets. We hope to see you there!



Something amazing happened on April 27th, 2014. Despite a forecast of rain, motorcyclists converged on Redmond, Washington to support the Tulip Ride, which generates funds for the Seattle Humane Society and the American Red Cross. They came from down the street, across the USA, and literally from around the world.

With support from local businesses, the Acting Outlaws, and hundreds of caring motorcyclists, we raised over $25,000.00 for these important causes — nearly 5 times last year’s donations. Deepest thanks to each and every contributor to the 2014 Tulip Ride…

Large Gift Benefactors

Katee Sackhoff Tricia Helfer Jonathan Marshall Walter Sullivan The Henshaw Family


The Acting Outlaws
Blazing BagelsEastside Harley DavidsonRoozengaarde Tulip Farms
Seattle Used BikesiPic TheatersMotosport.com

Volunteer Ride Organizers

Jeff Henshaw Ryan Gunn Chris Evans Walter Sullivan
David Belanger Janet Knobel Glen Lowe Mike Cummings

Road Captains

Timothy Arnold Megan Casperson William Casperson Eric Clark Michelle Farrell
Steven Fielding Patricia Gardi Shayne Shark Wendy Shark Mike Wood

Riders, Supporters, and Showgoers

ABC of Oregon Crystal Wood Jessica Dally Matthew Felicano Sally Jordan
Akash Verenkar Dale Hirt Jessica Owens Matthew Hay Sara Aguirre
Alan Atlas Dana Groulx Jesus Barrera Matthew Toso Scotland Symons
Alan Steiner Daniel Sommerfeld Jim Miller Matthew Walsh Scott & Nanette Henshaw
Ali Rafiee Dave Henshaw Joan Friedrich Melanie Johnson Scott Berfield
Alicia Mullins David Johnson Joe Ahren Michael Deibler Scott Russ
Amit Kaushik Dawn Clark Joel Day Michael Hall Scott Skorupa
Amy Herndon Dax Hawkins John Cowan Michael Johnson Sean O’Connor
Andrea Dickson Delbert Hazeley John Selander Michael Palotas Shane Martin
Andrei Menagarishvili Diego Martin Joshua Tranquilla Michael Posner Shane McRoberts
Andrew Jean Doug Berrett Julie Cihak Michael Tava Shauna Costello
Angela Lopez Douglas Cook Julie Scott Mike Nolan Shawn Bradford
Angela McKay Douglas Erickson Kai Miyamoto Monica Carranza Shawn Owens
April Bennard Dustin Cryer Kalen Quam Morgan Wagner Shelley Schermer
Ariel Apostoli Edward Zercher Karla Haman MotoPainter Silicon Services
Balagopalan Nikhil Elaine Ho Karri Buckman Nancy Maris Spike O’Neill
Bardon Setterquist Elizabeth Ibrahim Kayla N. Eychner Natalie Stockhausen Srikanth Avadhanam
Brandon Keller Enrique Rodriguez Keith Carlson Nathan Fant ST Katz
Brenda Palo Eric Franzen Kencana Sriwijaya Pablo Chacon Stephen Allen
Brenda Potts Erik Carlson Kenneth Loen Pablo Guzman SamaniegoStephen John
Brian Danell Erik Olson Kenyon Gwillim Pankaj Sarda Steve Hall
Brian Pecquet Erin Haverly Kevin & Sarah BoylePatricia A Anderson Steven Nelson
Brian Pickering Evan Ivaldi Kevin Molskness Patricia Peters Success Positioning Systems
Brieanne Allen Evan Wirt Kevin Tanemura Patricia Rodriguez Sung Kim
Brooklyn Cloninger Excellence In CommunicationsKim Lazoff Paul Lukinich Tamra Kious
CardioBase, Inc. Fedir Panasenko Kristina Goodman Paul Mcdaniel Tanya Roseberry
Caren McMillen Frederick Savoye Kyle Pflug Paul Newson Tara Koffman
Carlo Ceolaro Garrett Padera Larry Dunson Paul Virag Timothy Rankine
Carlos Picoto Gordon Naylor Laura Lenzi Peg Garcia-Bergin Tina Cook
Carmen Gilmore Greg Chase Laura Miller Peter Chartrand Todd Eichelberger
Casey M. Jones Greg Friedman Laura Perigen Raghu Nadiminti Todd Hendricks
Cassandra Tate Greg Lazoff Laura Wildfong Randy Yao Tom Wright
Chad Willwerth Greg Thompson Lauren Heiken Rayman Myers Travis Hansen
Chanin Kelly-Rae Gus Catalano Lee Anne LeCouter Raymond So Trent Wagner
Charles Perigen Hannah Odam Leslie Evans Reginald Tucker TSCM Events
Charles Smith Jr. Howard Perkins Libbie Kaushik Ricardo DeLaVega Victor Myers
Cheryl McGuire Ingrid Thoft Lindsey Swan Rich Lazar Victor Winson
Chris Morgan’s
Wildlife Media
Jacob Horn Lisa McKay Richard Walker W Tom Jacobson
Christina Hendricks James Wilson Lou & Kathy Amadio Rimi Koka William Bergin
Christopher Sanderson Jared Watkins Marcy Neyrinck Robert Stephenson William Martin
Chuck Krieg Jarunyanee Deramat Margarett Hobbs Robin Caldwell Wise Owl Consulting Inc
Cindy Bui Jason Goertz Mark Adkins Ron Hutnik Yousif Aluzri
Cindy Deibler Jaysheel Shah Mark Parayno Ron White
Clark Culver Jeff Chen Martha Webb Russell Glaser
Claudette Hatcher Jeffrey McKean Mary Henshaw Ruth Belcher
Crystal Bentley Jennifer Winson Matt Tuttle Sagar Shah

Details about Tulip Ride 2015 coming soon! Watch this space!