Details: Tulip Ride 2020 postponed until July 25

COVID-19 is causing disruption to nearly every aspect of our lives and businesses. The impact is unprecedented. The Tulip Ride planners have been monitoring the situation and talking with our sponsors, celebrity riders, VIP guests, and many of you. Out of an abundance of caution, putting health and safety first, we have postponed the 2020 Tulip Ride to Saturday, July 25.

Why postpone?

The health and safety of everyone involved with the ride is our top priority. Having raised over $26,000 as of mid-March, we want to turn this challenging COVID-19 situation into a positive opportunity for you, and for Seattle Humane. To do that, postponing is the right thing to do. It gives us even more time to encourage friends to join the ride, making for a potentially record-setting year of fundraising. Plus, we'll get the benefit of Puget Sound's beautiful July weather.

Will anything else change?

Very little! We'll have warmer weather to ride in, much less chance of rain, and a bigger turn-out. If you've already purchased a ticket, it's automatically converted into a July 25th ticket.

Our schedule and route will be exactly the same, but on July 25.

There won't be tulips in the fields in July, but we'll still enjoy an amazing BBQ lunch and great walks under sunny skies with our riding friends.

What about refunds?

We recognize that a change of date may make it difficult for some riders to join the event. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience. We encourage every Tulip Rider to try and join us on July 25!

Ticket purchases are actually donations to Seattle Humane. A soon as you bought your ticket, Seattle Humane directly received the proceeds and put the funds to work helping the animals in their care with life-saving veterinary services, care and feeding, and of course placement in forever homes.

A refund would mean, literally, taking a donation back from Seattle Humane. Given this, we ask that you honor our no-refunds policy for the Tulip Ride.

That said, the same COVID-19 circumstances that caused the postponement of this year's ride are also causing financial hardships for many people. If this is a concern for you, please email

Thank You

In twenty years, we've only postponed the Tulp Ride ride once, due to extreme weather. It was easier then with only a dozen riders. With hundreds of enthusiastic Tulip Riders expected this year, this wasn't a decision we made lightly. We feel that it's the right thing to do to help keep all of us - including YOU! - safe and healthy, while still creating miracles with Seattle Humane.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

-The Tulip Ride Team