Frequenstly Asked Questions

[+] What is the Tulip Ride?
[+] What is the date/time for the Tulip Ride?
[+] How do I join the Tulip Ride?
[+] Where do I get the cool Tulip Ride clothing?
[+] If I register and later decide that I can't make the ride, can I get a refund?
[+] If it's raining, will the ride be canceled?
[+] Can I follow the ride in a car, or drive my car to meet up with you?
[+] What if I don't ride? Can I still support the Tulip Ride?
[+] Can I buy tickets at the ride?
[+] Can any type of bike or rider join the Tulip Ride?
[+] Is my donation tax deductible?
[+] Will my donation be matched by my employer?
[+] Can I travel from afar and join the ride?
[+] Are rental motorcycles available?
[+] Are motorcycle clubs welcome at the Tulip Ride?
[+] How can my company sponsor the Tulip Ride?
[+] Can I bring my own pet to Tulip Ride events?
[+] I have another charity that I'd like the Tulip Ride to support. Is that possible?
[+] Can I pass out flyers for my own cause at the Tulip Ride?
[+] I signed up just to see one of the celebrities that is planning to attend. Are appearances guaranteed?
[+] What should I bring on the Tulip Ride?